What is Node JS?

Node JS is developed by Ryan Dahl in 2009 and it is an open source, cross platform java script runtime environment for running server side applications.

Node JS is used to build I/O intensive web applications, highly scalable web applications, data intensive web applications and real time applications.

Node is great for prototyping and agile development. By using node js can build super fast and highly scalable services.

Node JS is used by large companies such as PayPal, Netflix, Uber and etc.

Since node js using java script source code it is more cleaner and consistent.

Node is available with…

After learning Java next best thing to learn is java Spring Boot.Combination of Java and Java Spring Boot helps to create java applications pretty easily.

To get started with Spring Boot will use Spring Boot initializr. Spring Boot initializr gives the starter package that help to create first spring application. Click here to navigate to spring initializr.

In the spring initializr choose Maven as the java package manager. After that choose Java as the language. Next for the spring boot version, keep the default version. Then we need to set up meta data for the application(for this you can give…

props is the short name for properties. These props allow user to pass data to components.

To learn about props you should have a general knowledge about components. So, hope you’re having general knowledge about components.

What is Props?

Props or properties are using to pass data from one component to another component.

Parent component can pass data to it’s child components by using props. By using props data can be passed only in uni-directional flow which means that data can only be pass from parent to child component.

These props help to make components more dynamic.

Furthermore, props in a component are…

Chapter 2

As I mentioned in chapter 1 today I am going to talk about ‘this’ keyword and strict notation.

First I will talk about ‘this’ keyword in java script.

‘this’ keyword

‘In java script ‘this’ keyword is used to refer the object that it belongs to. According to the place the ‘this’ keyword is going to use value of ‘this’ keyword will be different.

In a method ‘this’ refers to owner of the method. To demonstrate this let’s take employee object.

Chapter 1

Today we are going to discuss about classes and Inheritance.

What is a class? Class is a blueprint of object. Class has properties/attributes and implementation of behavior/methods.

From classes we create objects. So, what are objects? Objects are instances of classes, which we use to store data and perform actions.

Now let’s see how Java Script implement classes.


Before ES6 version classes are define using ‘function’ key word but the difference between function and a class is class start with capital letter and function start with simple letter.

What is React?

React is a Java Script library for building fast interactive user interfaces for web as well as mobile applications. It is a an open-source, reusable component based front end library.

In Model View Controller (MVC) Architecture, React is the “View” which is responsible for how the app looks and feel.

Before React JS, developers encounter troubles like less UI-focused React predecessor like jQuery. So, in 2011, Facebook engineer Jordan Walke created React JS specifically to improve UI development.

React divides User Interface into multiple components, which makes the code easier to debug, and each component has its own property and…

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